Unlock Your Ecommerce Sales Potential with Social Proof Popups.

Unlock Your Ecommerce Sales Potential with Social Proof Popups 7 minutes read



Unlock Your Ecommerce Sales Potential with Social Proof Popups 

So what is Fear of missng out marketing? also known as (FOMO). it is a psychological technique marketers use to create a sense of urgency about your product and its limited time offer, thereby helping the user make a purchase decision right away instead of waiting on the sidelines or keep looking elsewhere. it’s a marketer job to explain a products features and functionality and ongoing offers thereby influencing the buyer to make a purchase. Marketers have been leveraging the power of FOMO Marketing to increase sales and boost business growth for years. Using social proof notifications also known as conversion notification tools on your website you can create a stream of different types of notifications to build an effective FOMO marketing strategy, thereby influencing your client in real time and helping them make a purchase decisions instantly.

WebsitesToolz is one of the most effective Fomo marketing tools that let you choose from 24 different types of notificationson your website. You could create and display in real time a stream of conversion notifications which establish social proof to your website visitiors as to who else bought your products in the last 24 hrs or 1 week. You could live notifications as in how many people purchased a particular product on your ecommerce store. You could even create countdown clock display for an ongoing sale and capture email ids. 

Creating urgency is a great way to give people the feeling of missing out on a great bargain deal on your shopify or woocommerce store or a last minute travel deal or signing up for your online events, webinars, tutorial class. WebsiteToolz Social proof notifications also called pop up notificatons work like magic. You can customise all notifications according to your brand and style with colours and background patterns.You can choose to display them on certain pages of your website or on all page. You can control the number of times the notifications display, how often they display. You can even set when these notifications pop up on your website. Pop up 60 seconds after a visitor visits your website or on page scroll percentage or when the visitor is about to exit your page. Now lets quickly get to the 10 proven FOMO marketing tools with WebsitesToolz to skyrocket conversions and boost sales for your shopify, woocommerce store or wordpress website.

1. Latest Conversions 

This is by far the most powerfull FOMO marketing by WebsitesToolz for boosting sales for your products, services, events. The conversion notifications can be displayed as a stream of notifications showing up at regular intervals on your wix, squarespace, wordpress website. You can customise this manually or show in realtime the name and location of a person who purchased a product on your shopify or woocommerce store. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and when visitors see that other visitors have purchased products from your store this builds credibility and trust and visitors are going to be more comfortable buying from your store. This marketing strategy actually involves your customers who are acting as real sales guys via the notifications doing the hard selling. You could also use this notifcation to display people who signed up for your webinar, events, subscribed to your blog or submitted a contact form on your website. All of these building a sense of trust and urgency.

2.Conversions Counter

The conversions counter notification from WebsitesToolz is equally powerfull and more effective in creating a FOMO very similiar to the latest conversions counter above. This notification can display at regualr defined intervals how many people purchased a product within a certain time duartion, booked a particular cruise, subscribed to your blog, registered for your online tutorial or cooking class.This notification can be customised manually or can pull data from your wordpress, wix, squarespace, ecommerce website and show in realtime numbers. While the latest conversion notification above can be used to show who from where performed an action on your site, the conversions counter can show how many people acted on an event on your site within a certain time duration creating a serious FOMO and skyrocketing conversions.

3. Countdown Collector

The WebsitesToolz Countdown Collector notification is again a great FOMO popup tool. You can set it to popup on your website 60 seconds after a visitor visits your landing page or website, or after a page scroll percentage or when he exits. This will immediately display a countown clock pre defined to ceratin date and time with an email id capture input box. This is a great lead generation tool which can be used both for B2C and B2B as well as for growing your email list. You could set the description "Hurry signup below...." for a free giveaway, ebook, gift voucher, signup for event, webinar, digital marketing class.  You can have many other variations in this type of notification.You could use the email collector if you simply want a lead capture popup notification without the countdown clock. The above popup notifications are more compact in design. At WebsitesToolz we even created big design popups so you could opt for the modal collector notification or the modal two collector notification. You can then add the lead to your email marketing list and campaigns for sales and marketing. Using webhooks which are nothing but a link you will be able to automate and send your leads to your mailchimp, hubspot, clickfunnels or any other application directly or using a service like zapier.

4. Request Collector

The WebsitesToolz request collector notification is also a lead capture notification. You can set it up as explained in the countdown collector notification.The request collector is a very powerfull lead capture tool as it quickly gets you the visitors telephone number. You could set up the description as "Got any questions? Schedule a call back" with a Callback button. This collector notification is great for many offline B2B and B2C services that want to capture a lead as in a telephone number. This is a ideal lead generation tool for those selling consulatncy services, real estate, banking and financal services or even insurance. This is ideal for sending realtime lead data to any other thrid party application like google calendar, call scheduling application or sms messaging application using webhooks or a service like zapier. you could alert different sales and marketing team based on leads captured from different product or service page who can right away pick up the phone  and cold call your leaad. This is ideal for those who choose cold calling, whatsapp marketing and SMS marketing over email marketing which has proven to be highly effective.

5. Text Feedback

Knowing what your visitors or users think about your products or services is at the core of every business. So we at WebsitesToolz created this notification where you could ask for feedback through a pop up input form. You can customise popup settings and all other triggers just like the above notifications. The best part about this notification is you could use multiple text feedback notifications on your shopify, woocommerce, wordpress website and then automate submission of this data to across 100+ applications using webhooks or a service like zapier. You can further create more triggers and events to automate the workflow to channel this feedback to right people to act on the same without any manual effort. You can even use the score feedback notification or the Emoji feedback notification if you just want general feedback for your blog or customer support.

6. Collector Bar

The WebsitesToolz Collector Bar notification also known as the hello bar or wordpress bar notification. It is a sticky bar notification that sites on the top or bottom of your wordpress, wix, squarespace or clickfunnels page when the visitor lands on it. This is also an email collector with a call to action button so the visitor can give you his email id. Again this data can be sent across to multiple email applications in real time as explained above. You could also use the button bar notification which is similiar but instead of a lead capture you could send your visitor to another landing page with a button. Another usefull notification in the hello bar design is the WebsitesToolz coupon bar notification which works just like the button bar. The only difference being you could have your coupon code displayed on the button and take the user directly to your shopify or woocommerce product page.



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Last updated on: 4 December, 2023